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Musée des maisons comtoises

History and tradition
Nature and environment
The Maisons comtoises open-air museum extends over a 15-hectare site at Nancray. It has the distinction of being one of a kind, inviting visitors to stroll along the museum's arteries – the outdoor trail - that lead to a number of different focal points.

History and architecture
You can gain insight into the lives of our ancestors from their traditional habitat – genuine 17th, 18th and 19th-century Franche-Comté houses have been carefully uprooted from their original locations and painstakingly rebuilt on the museum site – and compare their lives with current lifestyles to project into the future.

The gardens
The houses are surrounded by theme gardens all organically tended: the historical garden, the garden of vegetables that have sunk into oblivion, the simpletons' garden, the garden of textile and dyeing plants, the mountain kitchen garden and the potato garden. They offer ideal material for answering questions about the use and need for plants.

The museum also illustrates the links between man and farm animals and plays its part in presenting and conserving ancient domestic breeds. It also accommodates bees in a 19th-century mountain beehive.
Musée des maisons comtoises
Musée des maisons comtoises
Musée des maisons comtoises
Opening hours

23 MAR - 2 NOV 2014:
WED-SAT 13.00-18.00
SUN 10.00-18.00

MON-FRI 10.00-18.30

MON-FRI 10.00-19.00
Musée des maisons comtoises
Rue du musée
+33 3 81 55 29 77

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