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Musée de l'Image

Musée de l'Image
Musée de l'Image
Musée de l'Image
The Musée de l'Image, a unique collection that grants an authentic view of our society.

The museum has collected more than 110,000 historical Épinal prints from France and abroad, yet since its foundation it has also recognized other art forms. By contrasting Épinal prints with other works, such as contemporary paintings and photos or musical and literary works, the museum seeks to explore the connection - humorous, sentimental, sometimes unexpected - between images of yesterday and today.

Musée de l'Image

42 quai de Dogneville
+33 3 29 81 48 30
Opening hours
Tuesday - Saturday: 9:30-12:00, 14:00-18:00 ,
Sunday: 10:00-12:00, 14:00-18:00 ,
Monday - Saturday: 9:30-12:30, 13:30-18:00 ,
Sunday: 10:00-12:30, 13:30-18:00 ,

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affiche de l'exposition (représentation de Marilyn Monroe)

Today's world is all images. These images have acquired such importance that their status places them in a universe of their own. Some of them, icons, are endowed with an extra aura, a power that goes ...