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Moulin de la Blies

Museum of Ceramics Techniques and the Garden of the Ceramists
Moulin de la Blies
Moulin de la Blies
Moulin de la Blies
From 1825 to 1969, the site of the "Moulin de Blies" was one of the numerous units of the Ceramics Works of Sarreguemines. The mill building, which now houses the Ceramics Museum, was used to produce the ceramic material. In the 19th century, the present-day reception building was the residence of the factory director's family.

Meanwhile, behind the factory the many workshops and warehouses have disappeared. Nature has reclaimed these ruins, and this collection of plants and stones was transformed into the Garden of the Ceramists, designed by the landscape artist Philippe Niez.

Moulin de la Blies

125 Avenue de la Blies
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Tuesday - Sunday: 10:00-18:00

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