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Kunsthalle Göppingen

Katharina Hinsberg, Ich möchte eine Linie im Raum, Installation, 2019, Kunsthalle Göppingen, VG Bild-Kunst 2019
Open House, Sprechende Bilder, 2020, Kunsthalle Göppingen, VG Bild-Kunst 2020
The Kunsthalle Göppingen has been showing international contemporary art since 1989 and tells and communicates it in a lively way: In the exhibitions in the Kunsthalle, with art in public and with interactions in digital space. Art takes place! - that is the motto of the Kunsthalle Göppingen. The active participation of visitors is essential. The Kunsthalle Göppingen creates space for encounters with art, for dialogue and engagement with it. Visual art reflects themes that touch our lives and raise existential questions and feelings. Works of art enable us to learn something about the world and ourselves.

Art education is a fundamental building block for the Kunsthalle Göppingen. It offers a lively exchange in a variety of programmes for children, young people, adults and families. The Kunsthalle is a place where creativity, openness and curiosity are given space. It is a place of education. Close co-operation with educational institutions is essential. The museum thus accepts its socio-political responsibility and constantly develops strategies with innovative and exemplary projects in order to participate in current discourses and attract new visitors in a constantly changing society.

Special exhibitions take place in the "Shedhalle" and in the "Halle unten". The collection of the Kunsthalle Göppingen is also shown there with different themes. Publications on the exhibitions are a further element for visitors to discover the exhibitions and explore themes in greater depth. At the same time, they are an academic contribution to contemporary art history.

The work of the artist Klaus Heider is shown and scientifically analysed in the "Salone" - this approach to an artistic legacy serves as a model. The "Salone" is a lively place for encounters with Klaus Heider's work, including lectures, readings and exhibitions.

In the gallery in the east wing of Filseck Castle, in co-operation with the Schloss Filseck Foundation of the Kreissparkasse Göppingen, 3 monographic or thematic exhibitions are held each year.

Kunsthalle Göppingen

Marstallstraße 55
+49 7161 650 4211
Opening hours
Open all year
Tuesday - Friday: 13:00-19:00
Saturday - Sunday: 11:00-19:00

48.710069097276, 9.6559337790985

Ausstellungsplakat Inner View, Kunsthalle Göppingen
INNERVIEW. Kate Gilmore, Klara Lidén, Pipilotti Rist, Stephanie Comilang & Simon Speiser

Entitled Inner View, the exhibition focuses on video installations by three artists: Kate Gilmore, Klara Lidén and Pipilotti Rist. Each work shows female protagonists in their individual life ...