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Old Masters of the Würth Collection

The works of the former Fürstlich Fürstenberg Collection of Paintings at Donaueschingen, which was acquired by the Würth family in 2003, form the core of this top-class collection devoted to art from the German South West - including the region around Lake Constance and Northern Switzerland - from the late Middle Ages to the beginnings of the modern age.

The art- and cultural-historical importance of these works has to be rated this highly because most of the panel paintings date back to a period from which only very few drawings or paintings have survived - owing to the Reformation iconoclasm which was enforced particularly radically in Swabia.
The phenomenal Family of Wild People by Lucas Cranach the Elder and a whole range of works from his workshop with religious scenes, secular didactic works and portraits have survived.

The Portrait of William IV, Count Schenk of Schenkenstein and His Wife Agnes, Countess of Werdenberg-Trochtelfingen – the earliest known double portrait of Old German panel painting – from Constance (dated 1441/42) and numerous panel paintings by the Master of Meßkirch – one of the most remarkable South German painters of the 16th century – or the panels of the highly significant St. Anthony altarpiece by the Zurich Master of the Pansies have to be emphasized as well.

The striking “Portrait of a gentleman” by Andreas Haider is impressive as well.

The new works

This holding could be expanded in a very sensible manner as regards both panel painting and sculpture, e.g. with quality works by Daniel Mauch, Tilman Riemenschneider or the closer circle surrounding Hans Multscher.

However, further newly acquired paintings by Lucas Cranach the Elder are without any doubt absolute highlights.
These are the painting of a richly decorated Saint Barbara beaming with ideal beauty in a tree-covered landscape painted by Lucas Cranach the Elder around 1525 and his highly lively version of the painting Christ Blessing the Children created in 1546.


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