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Typically Mannheim!

A Multimedia History of the City
Eine Führungsgruppe in der Ausstellung
Ein Gast auf dem Nachbau des Benzmobils.
Ein Gast navigiert sich durch die Collection Wall
The permanent exhibition "Typically Mannheim!" is the only exhibition in Mannheim that deals specifically with the city's history. Under the motto "A Multimedia History of the City"", visitors can immerse themselves in bygone eras of the city of squares in a way that is unique for Mannheim. The exhibition is structured analogously to the centuries of Mannheim's existence, with each section having its own technical and content-related highlights. Whether a projection show, a replica of the first automobile or an interactive Collection Wall with hundreds of pictures - in this exhibition touching is compulsory! The different levels of depth at the stations allow everyone to navigate through the content according to their own needs.

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