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Textile fantasies.

Art made by pupils
Textile Phantasien
Where workers once earned their wages under difficult conditions, between machines, the special exhibition "Textile Fantasies" allows visitors to immerse themselves in dream worlds. The works on display, which were created in art classes. They reflect the broad facet of youthful creativity. The photographs and clothes on display present a collection designed and produced by pupils on the theme of "fairytale characters" today. They attempt to express the special characteristics of the characters from the fairytale world through color, form and shape. The original figure takes a back seat and the dress itself increasingly becomes the character. In addition, many different emotions were artistically processed under the working title "Wearable Feelings". Here, it is not just the shell that is elevated to a work of art. Rather, it is the wearing of this shell that itself becomes an artistic experience that explores the body. On the one hand, the artistic creative process is documented and, on the other, the intensive examination of a particular feeling. From the initial idea to its realization, there were many challenges to overcome.
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