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designed by Olaf Hajek
Eine Handvoll Fülle
When the illuminated windows of the Advent calendar in Gengenbach cast their spell, art lights are also put up in Haus Löwenberg, radiating from afar. Olaf Hajek, a globally sought-after "bird of paradise of painting", shows the originals created especially for this occasion. In his paintings, we discover lavishly decorated gardens; stages of life and floating open up, where man and nature are united in harmony, splendor and abundance.
They are complemented by room-filling installations: They combine elements of Hajek's paintings
with Gengenbach's cityscape and allow them to be experienced in the alternation of day and night. And they
refer to people's attacks on their own paradises. Masterpieces by Paul
Gauguin are included when it comes to his ambivalent staging of the South Seas paradise of Tahiti.
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