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Müllheim fountain

Markgräfler Museum Müllheim
Müllheim lives from its streams, springs and fountains. In both practical and artistic forms, Müllheim's fountains show the special role of water as an elixir of life in the town and how people have used it at various times - whether as a simple water dispenser or in the form of a representative work of art in public spaces.
The city history working group of the Markgräfler Museumsverein Müllheim has embarked on a (research) journey to well-known, hidden and disappeared fountains in the cityscape and prepared a selection of their stories in an exciting tour of the museum, which, with many photos by Kerstin Pommerenke, makes you want to discover them for yourself.

Special exhibition in the Blankenhorn-Palais, 2nd floor (museum education workshop), Wilhelmstr. 7, 14. 07. 2024 - 02. 02. 2025

Vernissage on July 14, 11.15 a.m.
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