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Lights - Sampling the world

Exposition temporaire "Echantillonner le monde"
In 1787, J.F. Oberlin set up a scientific cabinet in the Waldersbach Presbytery. Unlike a cabinet of curiosities, this was not a collection of individual objects. On the contrary, its creation is linked to a desire for globality and a desire to disseminate the knowledge of his century.

During his 59-year ministry, he tirelessly enriched the cabinet through donations and collections. The boxes, labels and carefully arranged notes demonstrate a desire to scientifically categorize objects and samples in order to understand the world and its beliefs. The collection is intended to become "a perfect compendium of the whole of Nature".

J.F Oberlin received friends and visitors in this room. Augustin Perrier, Félicie Tourette and Paul Merlin described it in newspapers and publications. Their accounts have enabled the museum to present the exhibition "Lumières - échantillonner le monde" (Lights - sampling the world), featuring a reconstruction of the pastor's study.
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