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James Francis Gill

60 Years of Women in Cars
Loved by Illusion
The "Women in Cars" appear modern, fresh and attractive, and are shown in a variety of poses. No matter how, whether with a direct gaze, behind sunglasses, facing away or with their heads tilted back - Gill plays a breathtaking game. He encourages an encounter that, in all its diversity, leaves plenty of room for interpretation and makes no stipulations. The scenarios of "Women in Cars" invite us to linger, to dream and to reflect in equal measure.

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Parkstraße 1 + 5
+49 7731 9693510
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47.761374424643, 8.8276461779099

Classic Sunday MAC Museum Art & Cars
Classic Sunday in September 2023

Classic car enthusiasts meet in a relaxed atmosphere on the grounds of the MAC Museum Art & Cars in Singen to exchange and petrol talks. We will spoil you with culinary delicacies from the grill and ...