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fantasy images
affiche de l'exposition (représentation de Marilyn Monroe)
Today's world is all images. These images have acquired such importance that their status places them in a universe of their own. Some of them, icons, are endowed with an extra aura, a power that goes beyond their origin and gives them a life of their own...
The term "icon" - from the Greek eikôn (image) - originally designating an image venerated by the Orthodox Church, has long since passed from the religious sphere to the secular world: certain historical figures were able to attain the rank of icons, before the world of entertainment took their place in the pantheon of images.
But how do we define an icon? What links Christ to Che Guevara, Joan of Arc to Marilyn Monroe, Napoleon to Diego Maradona...? How does one become an icon? And who today can claim to be one?
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