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Gustave Courbet permanent collection

Les collections du musée Courbet
A man of outbursts and scandals, Gustave Courbet established himself as a painter of rupture, fundamentally of his time, shattering the codes of art through his manifest works and unprecedented artistic approach. In addition to his monumental works, the Musée Courbet's collection offers an insight into another Courbet, an intimate Courbet deeply attached to his native environment and his territory.

The Musée Courbet's permanent collection comprises around 400 works, including some sixty by the artist himself.
The diversity of the collection reveals the many facets of Courbet's work.
From early works (Le Pont de Nahin, 1837) to evocations of the circles in which the painter moved (Portrait de Lydie Joliclerc, 1869; Portrait d'Urbain Cuénot, 1847), the museum's collection also features Courbet's favorite themes, such as animal paintings (Le Veau, 1873), hunting scenes (Le Renard pris au piège, 1860), seascapes, to which an entire room is devoted, and the unmissable Franche-Comté landscapes.
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