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The fabulous adventures of Lurchi and Mecki

Links ein Ausschnitt aus Lurchis Abenteuer: Lurchi zeigt dem Zwergenkönig seine ledernen Schuhe, Rechts Mecki, der in seinem Heißluftballon über eine märchenhafte Landschaft fliegt
In the 1930s and 1940s, the Salamander shoe factory and HÖRZU magazine cleverly tied children and their parents to the brand with cute animal mascots. The two advertising icons Lurchi, the shoe-wearing salamander, and Mecki, the adventurous hedgehog, were universally known and their adventures and travels in book form were a bestseller.

Follow Lurchi and Mecki through fabulous worlds and experience their adventures in this cultural-historical exhibition with numerous hands-on stations.
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