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Bertold Becker and Tom Schlang "DROP THE PILOT"

Links: Arbeit von Bertold Becker, rechts: Arbeit von Tom Schlang
ANNOUNCEMENT: Monday, June 10, 2024, 8 p.m.

Although their approaches to painting are fundamentally different, their pictures appear similar at first glance. This apparent contradiction is explored in the exhibition entitled "DROP THE PILOT".

In collaboration with curator Till Vogel, the aim is to reveal the joy of artistic creation, regardless of the zeitgeist. The courage to go one's own way and remain positive even in difficult times is also to be illustrated. This is what distinguishes both artists.

Photography, models and sketches serve as a source of inspiration for their paintings. Although their works contain abstract elements, they always have a realistic background. The titles of the works are both concrete and lyrical, and it is up to the viewer's imagination to form something tangible from them.

Both artists have long since "let the pilot off the ship" - for them, the journey is the destination.
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