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Art Deco at the table

Straight lines, geometric figures, a refined style... Art Deco invites itself to the table in Sarreguemines!
Expostion L'art déco s'invite à table
Cafetière-filtre dessinée par Jean Luce, Faïencerie de Sarreguemines, vers 1936
Service à thé dessiné par Jean Luce, Faïencerie de Sarreguemines, vers 1935
This world-famous style, which has affected every field from architecture to the decorative arts, has not escaped the attention of the Faïencerie de Sarreguemines, which has used it extensively in its production, notably on dinner services produced from the 1910s onwards.
Influenced by the work of Parisian artists - some of them avant-garde - who were rediscovered after 1918, as well as by designers who had come to or trained in Germany during the Annexation period, the factory's designers were able to create a large number of designs and shapes to satisfy their customers during the inter-war period.
The works and sketches of renowned artists such as Jean Luce, among others, will stand alongside the exceptional work of all the industrial designers, today anonymous yet indispensable to the reputation of the Faïencerie de Sarreguemines...
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