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Travel back in time to the Middle Ages: the film about Klingental Abbey

Forum for words and music
Frauenkloster Klingental Basel 1256–1529, 2000, Filmstill
Wednesday, October 30, 2024, 6:15 p.m.
Large refectory

After Stephan Tramèr completed the monastery model in 1998, the production manager of Basilea Film AG, Matthias Vergeat, suggested making a documentary film about the history of Klingental Monastery, in which the model could play a central role. Treumund Itin, the committed president of the Pro Klingental Museum Association, managed to raise a considerable amount of money for the elaborate project. Stephan Tramèr was commissioned to write the script and design the set. Jacek Berezowski was responsible for the direction. The well-known actress Salome Jantz was among the cast. The film from the year 2000 was shown on SRF and SAT 1. It documents the life of the Klingental women, who combined an ascetic lifestyle with economic success. It shows the architecture and function of the spacious convent complex as well as the diverse tasks of the self-confident Dominican nuns, who knew how to defend their freedom against pressure from the church and state.

Lecture: Stephan Tramèr, artist and building researcher
Price: free admission, collection
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On 30 October 2024

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