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Reading: Rolf Hochhuth: The Berlin Antigone

Reading: Hildegard Vierhuff - Gilbert Rottmann - Joachim Stockert
Georg Elser
Rolf Hochhuth
Rahmenprogramm zur Ausstellung "Nie wieder!"
In his story "Die Berliner Antigone", Hochhuth draws on the Greek drama "Antigone" and transposes the story to Germany in 1944. In the ancient myth, Antigone wants to bury her brother, who fought on the "wrong side" and met his death. Burying him means the death penalty. Antigone defies the tyrannical commandment with all her might, loses her lover (the son of the ruler) and accepts death. In doing so, she obeys the commandment of the gods, a higher authority, and also her conscience.
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