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"Nicolas Barrera - Drawings from a German concentration camp"

Lecture by Dr. Lisa Foege
Das Leiden
Verlust und Trauer
Leningrad, Paris, Camargue and Weil am Rhein - these are just some of the stations in the eventful life of the artist Nicolas Barrera. In her lecture "Nicolas Barrera - Drawings from a German concentration camp", historian Dr. Lisa Foege sheds light on the life and work of the Russian artist. A special focus will be on Barrera's drawings, which were created in the Leipzig-Thekla concentration camp and relentlessly document the crimes committed there.

Dr. Lisa Foege grew up in Weil am Rhein and came into contact with Barrera's work at a young age. She is a curator and works in museum management at the Rosgarten Museum in Constance.
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On 29 June 2024
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