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Nibelungenmuseum Worms

History and tradition
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Audio books are still in great demand in these parts of the world. However, where does one find an audio book with which one can go for a walk so that one gets the impression that one is part of the story?

The Nibelungen museum accommodates offers such a " walkable audio book". The anonymous writer of the Nibelungenliedes has found in two of the picturesque towers of the city wall from the Staufer era, a new-old home, to personally escort his guests in the tradition of the landlords and to tell his story with the voice of the actor David Stanley - more competently, more amusingly and more critically than any other!

For our visitors who can't get enough, they can go down into the Myth Lab and dive into the realm of the Nibelungs or even deeper into the almost infinite world of myths and legends.
Additionally, in the visual tower the new permanent exhibition "Wagner's ring" may be seen and heard since November 2014.

Nibelungenmuseum Worms

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