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Upper Rhine Art Award Offenburg: Claudia and Julia Müller

OKP Preisträgerinnen - Julia(l.) und Claudia(r.)Müller
The artistic work of the sisters Claudia and Julia Müller is characterized by its versatility in media. Starting from the basic medium of drawing, the artists have expanded their work into space. In their exhibitions, they use drawings in various formats in a site-specific manner, from walls to sculptures. Three-dimensional objects such as lamps or vases complement the figurative repertoire. Their work is generously and sensitively designed, and the artists are sensitive to the representation of physicality and figuration. Their attention is on the details of the everyday, they show gestures and snippets of coexistence.

The city of Offenburg and the Förderkreis Kunst + Kultur e.V. will award the Upper Rhine Art Prize Offenburg for the fifth time in 2024. The award ceremony with a ceremonial act as well as the opening of the exhibition by Claudia and Julia Müller will take place on May 5, 2024 in the Reithalle and in the Städtische Galerie Offenburg.
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