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I Feel the Earth Whisper

Frieder Burda © Museum Frieder Burda, Baden-Baden
A veritable feast for the senses, “I Feel the Earth Whisper” is an exhibition that commemorates the twentieth anniversary of the museum’s founding. Visitors are invited to reflect on the complex beauty of our existence as well as to explore the depths of reality and our role in the cosmic order of things—one that extends beyond the visible and more-than-human world. The immersive exhibition takes visitors on a fascinating journey through the essence of life in solidarity with our planet. A rich accompanying program expands the museum space and conventional exhibition practice, enabling visitors to experience nature and community, body and spirit, in a new, sensuous way.
The Museum Frieder Burda in Baden-Baden was designed by the famous architect Richard Meier and opened in October 2004. Meier’s impressive, light-filled architecture in the painterly park setting of Lichtentaler Allee makes it a shining jewel in UNESCO World Heritage site Baden-Baden. In this jubilee year, we are celebrating not only the museum’s history, but also remembering the visionary spirit of the museum’s late founder Frieder Burda, who passionately dedicated himself to making art accessible to a large audience. The exhibition “I Feel the Earth Whisper” acknowledges Burda’s legacy and emphasizes the museum’s ongoing commitment to the excellence of contemporary art and the pursuit of communicating joy and inspiration through art.

The exhibition is curated by Patricia Kamp and Jérôme Sans.
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