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Off the grass

Soccer in games and simulation
Kartongestaltung eines Tipp-Kick-Spiels der 1950er/1960er-Jahre
In 2024, the legendary Tipp-Kick company from Schwenningen, which has achieved cult status with table football games, celebrates 100 years! For the Clock Industry Museum, the anniversary is an opportunity to take a closer look at the cultural phenomenon of soccer simulation. While the player with the button on his head and the kick in his leg is a childhood memory for many, today even professional Bundesliga matches are organized. What is it about the game that fascinates so much? When does the game become serious? What do blow soccer, Tipp-Kick and FIFA video games have in common? And what does this reveal about our society? The exhibition invites you into the colorful world of the game off the pitch - with game fever guaranteed.
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