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Attention! - Prejudice (Sir Peter Ustinov)

Fulminant concert reading with Max Herbrechter
Der Schauspieler Max Herbrechter mit der Pianistin Aida Sikira
After centuries underground, prejudice has been identified as a mole in our midst: one of the great villains in our cast list of history," writes Sir Peter Ustinov." It is responsible for the misunderstandings between nations and religions."
In his latest book, Sir Peter tackles all forms of prejudice with eloquence, wit and charm.
The moralizing finger remains in his pocket: "If you want to judge prejudices, first touch your own nose."
Actor Max Herbrechter reads and interprets stories, essays and anecdotes.
For pianist Aida Sikira, her selection of musical pieces is a tribute to the cosmopolitan Ustinov - a rich mixture of different eras of piano music.
In short: the evening promises to be an enjoyable excursion through the bizarre world of prejudices.
Text: Sir Peter Ustinov
Narrator: Max Herbrechter
Piano: Aida Sikira
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