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zkm_gameplay.the next level

the game platform in zkm
The newly conceived exhibition architecture invites all gamers, but also visitors who so far have little experience with computer games, to an informative, critical and creative exchange - and of course to play. The games platform can be run through in five levels. The Kura toren team has selected 26 new games for the new edition.
zkm_gameplay. the next level builds not only on the experiences of ZKM_Gameplay, but also on the Games & Politics exhibition, which has been touring all over the world in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut since 2017.
The approximately 50 works on the playsite come from the fields of indie and art games. In contrast to the large commercial works, these come from the pen of manageable independent developer studios or individual game designers and artists. Often these works do not follow a classical and conservative game design. This is especially true for the interactive installations of the exhibition. The real space and the virtual game world merge, creating a unique collaborative experience that redefines the creative possibilities of the medium of computer games.
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Suitable for families

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