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Willi Bucher & Artist Friends

The sculptor Willi Bucher, who lives in Fridingen on the Danube, is in close contact with the vibrant Rottweiler art scene. In public he is known primarily as the creator of artistically designed larvae made of wood. At the same time, as a qualified stone sculptor, he has always also devoted himself to his original working sphere. Since the 1970s, he has created an extensive, multi-faceted collection of stone sculptures. In Bucher's form repertoire, geometry, craft and technique coalesce in a constructive connection. By means of cuts in cylindrical bodies, the artist creates "objects of mathematical beauty" (Dr. Herbert Köhler).

A selection of Bucher's stone sculptures together with works by the artist's friends can be seen in the kunst raum rottweil.
Willi Bucher & Künstlerfreunde