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Wilhelm Hasemann and the Invention of the Black Forest

Idyllic landscapes, impressive farms and, of course, the Bollenhut (traditional hat with pom-poms) - this image of the Black Forest is omnipresent today. Wilhelm Hasemann (1850-1913), who devoted a large part of his life and work to the region around Gutach, played a major role in shaping this image. But do his works show the reality in the 19th century? In addition to paintings and drawings, the Augustinermuseum presents photographs by the artist that served as his models. This look behind the scenes reveals a lot about projections and stagings that still make up the "Black Forest" cliché today.
Gemälde, eine Gruppe Frauen mit den Schwarzwald-typischen Bollenhüten und in Tracht, auf dem Rückweg vom Kirchgang, im Hintergrund eine Kirche und Häuser
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