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On a Wayward Path

Device + Jewellery on the Edge of Reason in Contemporary Gold and Silversmithing
"STASH" Silber, Stahl, Zinn David Clarke, 2022
Curated by Ellen Maurer-Zilioli
Where does utility end, and where does playing beyond function begin? It is no longer news that some representatives of contemporary silver and goldsmith art are questioning the classical canon of their own discipline, its historical roots and traditions. Wild things are created that violate taboos and testify to disobedience; golden rules are shaken and aesthetic norms are discussed or satirised. The device, the jewellery, the object are transformed into paraphrases of their own material. The show presents jewellery, equipment and objects that challenge conventional notions. Participants include Karen Pontoppidan and David Clarke, Myra Mimlitsch-Gray, Betrice Brovia and Nicolas Cheng.
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