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Vor dem U(h)rknall (The Big Gong)

Time and Life in the Village of Schwenningen
Although there were over 50 clockmakers working in Schwenningen in 1850, life in the village was hardly based on the time. Hence it is interesting to look at Schwenningen, which was characterised by farming and craftsmanship, from the perspective of different concepts of time. What do clan names tell us about the temporal conception of family? How do the cyclical rhythms of birth and death, of sowing, growth and harvest influence the experience of time? How does this fit with the Christian hope for the end of time? The search for answers brings to light a multitude of different cultural concepts of time. It reveals how violent the "U(h)rknall" must have been when industrialisation aligned life strictly according to the time - in which Schwenningen companies played a decisive role.

Rahmenuhr, Schwenningen 1859
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