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Under the Nazi Boot

Youth intoxicated by totalitarian ideology
Affiche de propagande pour la Hitler Jugend en Lorraine (collection Archives Municipales de Metz)s
Affiche de l'exposition
On the occasion of a series of events bringing together the National and University Library of Strasbourg, the European Centre of Deported Resistance Members and the University Libraries of Strasbourg under the theme "Facing Nazism", the Alsace-Moselle Memorial is putting together a new temporary exhibition on the Nazi regime's recruitment of young people through schools and the Hitler Youth.
It aims to show how not only in Germany but also in the territories of Alsace and Moselle annexed by the Third Reich, the Nazi regime used the education system and the Hitler Youth to create a comprehensive education, a National Socialist youth, a common identity and to keep young people away from all influences other than the Nazi party.

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