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Tutanchamun – His tomb and treasures

+++ Please note that this exhibition is also subject to a fee for holders of the Museums-PASS-Musées, as the exhibition is offered by a third-party provider. However, holders of a valid Museums-PASS-Musées receive 20% off all tickets (adults, children, families, discounted tickets). As always, guided tours and special events are excluded. +++

Experience at first hand the historical moment of the discovery of the tomb treasure. Young and old alike walk in the footsteps of the mysterious Pharaoh and explore in educational and entertaining way Carter´s dicovery in it´s original find circumstances. The burial objects, which were faithfully replicated, the sarcophagus, the colden coffins and shrines, the jewelry and of course the mask are unique in view of their monumentual overall connection with 1000 replica worldwide.

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The exhibition is located at Zeughaus C5.
Tutanchamun – Sein Grab und die Schätze
Museum Weltkulturen D5
(mehrere Standorte)
+49 6212 93 31 50

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