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TROY - 30 Years.The Fantastic Four

What's up?! With the exhibition "TROY - 30 Years. The Fantastic Four" in the StadtPalais – Museum für Stuttgart, the band is celebrating a very special kind of home game. The Fantastic Four are inviting visitors to embark on a journey - into the band's past and to spectacular hits such as "Die da!?" or "MFC".
In this exhibition together with the StadtPalais, Michael »Michi« Beck alias Dee Jot Hausmarke, Bernd Michael Schmidt alias Smudo, Thomas Dürr alias Hausmeister Thomas D and Andreas Rieke alias And.Ypsilon recall the founding and the development of their band, probably the most important pop and hip-hop group from Stuttgart.
TROY – 30 Jahre Die Fantastischen Vier
TROY Tag am Meer Diorama
TROY Ausstellung
Suitable for families

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