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On the Trail of the Huguenots through Aargau

Informative Tour

At the time when Louis XIV, the Sun King, prohibited “heretical” Protestantism in France and had the reformed believers systematically persecuted, hundreds of thousands of the so-called Huguenots escaped to Protestant foreign countries. Although relatively few settled permanently in Switzerland, as capable business people and craftsmen they exerted a sustainable influence on the economy in their new country. In Aargau we can still find traces of Huguenot history. Visitors can find out more about the fates of Huguenot families, about buildings and businesses as well as about the refugee policy of that time and its consequences in Schafisheim, Staufen and Lenzburg. As the last stop on the tour, the Museum Burghalde presents some valuable objects of Huguenot craftsmanship in a small exhibition.
On the Trail of the Huguenots through Aargau
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