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Fountains, tanks, flows, turbulence…

A universal, infinite subject matter, water is a source of inspiration for many artists, from the most classical to the most experimental. As part of a project in partnership with the Grand Est Region, étienne Rey has created Turbulences - an immersive, in situ installation, at once sensory and grandiose, that recreates a universal poetic experience : our abandonment to the contemplation of the play of light on water.

The elements come together ; digital writing and machinery are summoned ; and, as is so often the case with this artist, the spectator's perception is destabilised.
Digital art is a term encompassing a wide range of practices spanning installations, video, audiovisual material and mapping. It thus seemed natural to invite other international artists to present a series of digital works using cutting-edge technological tools to explore questions of fluids, liquids and plasticity. This is the digital world put to the water test !

Herman Kolgen's large-scale installation composed of photographs and trays erases memory as it makes contact with water. Stéphane Kozik gives life-like behaviour to aqueous matter by making it grumble and seethe in a basin.

Pe Lang provides a painstaking device in which pearls of water make contact with the cold surfaces of a laboratory, while Laurent Pernot places the sea in the palm of our hands.

Projections and films by Joanie Lemercier, Jacques Perconte, Gaëtan Robillard and Pierce Warnecke plunge us into lakeside or mountainous landscapes by turns generative or geometrical.

And Urbrain and Tristan Ménez use sound and immersive environments to sculpt impressions of levitation.

The tools or methods used by the artists and creators include databases, algorithms, diffraction and stroboscopy. Pixels become painting, sculpture immobilises waves, the reflections of light on water are exacerbated, leading us into a hypnotic and intriguing world.

Beyond its symbolic function, water is sometimes invested here as a catalyst for story.

At others, it is called upon for its plastic possibilities, or even as an integral part of a device. Put to the water test, digital technology explores its inner turbulence : its capacity for evaporation, flow and stagnation. Wave-like, or drop by drop, it holds up a double mirror, both sides of which draw inspiration from an infinite range of tangible possiblity.

The artists propose a choral, fluid conversation between digital technology and water.
Exhibition co-produced with L'Ososphère and the Grand Est Region.

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