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Take Your Time

A Hands-On Exhibition for Little and Not-So-Little Time-Watchers
When is the school day finally at an end and why are the holidays over so quickly? Sometimes time stretches like chewing gum, sometimes it just slips through your fingers. But what actually is time? In the hands-on exhibition "Take Your Time" children actively pursue this fundamental question.
In the little town "Jederzeit" (Any Time) children between the ages of 4 and 7 explore this topic playfully. Taking a look at professions in which time plays an important role, they then tackle various fun challenges: being as fast as a fire engine or giving the tempo to a conductor ... Children from the age of 8 encounter the theme in the expedition TIME. The journey takes them from the depths of the jungle to the vast expanses of the universe. They investigate the zeitgeist and explore the Big Bang. By means of trial and error they gain ever more insight into the secrets of time.
Alles mit der Zeit. Eine Mitmachausstellung für kleine und große Zeitgeister
Suitable for families
Museum Weltkulturen D5
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