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Cultural Transformations Rendered Visible
Why is a Bavarian dirndl tailored from African waxprint cloths? Moreover, what is African about these cloths? Can it be that in southern Asia and the Himalayan region the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara is represented by a male being, while in Japan the same bodhisattva is worshipped in female form named Kannon Bosatsu. The second permanent exhibition titled StrawGold focuses on cultural appropriation and transformation processes. Items of everyday use, technologies, materials, political ideas as well as religious beliefs spread not only across regions, but across the entire world. In their new settings they are gradually absorbed and creatively woven into new cultural contexts. In ten stations the exhibition addresses different themes, such as upcycling, fashion and religious interrelations.
African Dirndl and further transformations
Recycling is also part of the exhibition's design: walls of pet bottles
Religious transformations
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