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Space Travel V – Maya Hottarek, Matheline Marmy, Timo Paris

The Museum Langmatt presents the fifth installment in the exhibition series as a platform for young Swiss art in the Langmatt’s former cellar spaces.

The focus is on new artistic modes of speaking, especially installations, new media, and formulations that transcend genres. At the same time, «Space Travel» also traces contentual tendencies in contemporary art, and suggests thematic categories. «Space Travel» focuses on subjective future scenarios. Depending upon who is looking into the crystal ball, fantastic utopias or terrible dystopias appear. For the younger generation, the boundaries between utopia and dystopia appear to become increasingly blurred: a small change in the perspective or the colour, and the rapture becomes a dark sense of foreboding. Many artworks have as their theme the precarious relationship between humans and nature, interweaving materials, processes and spaces to create diverse and diffuse worlds.

With recent artworks by Maya Hottarek (*1990), Matheline Marmy (*1993), and Timo Paris (*1994).

The exhibition’s accompanying publication features a text by Daniela Minneboo.


Matheline Marmy, Vecteur de contact, 2019, Wasser, Stahldraht, Aluminiumboden, 100 × 500 × 20 cm
Römerstrasse 30
+41 56 200 86 70

47.481099, 8.306711