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Space Toys

Immediate lift-off!
Flying saucers, rockets, capsules, aliens, laser guns ... from reality to the imaginary, there are no limits for dreaming and travelling with your head in the clouds.

This exhibition is an opportunity to present exceptionally rare items from 1930 to today, to better understand why space has always had this appeal on our collective imagination. From literature to comic books and cinema to TV series, toy manufacturers quickly caught-on to the heroic and mythic potential of space.

From the first Buck Roger’s laser gun in 1934 to the Spaceman Nomura robot in 1957 or even Codeg’s clockwork Dalek from 1965, the exhibited toys all tell a story and thanks to the mesmerizing and colourful decor, they accompany visitors through an area which comes to life with realistic sets.
A lively and impressive visit which retraces the great evolutions and toy ranges in an entertaining manner. Toys in post-war Japanese tinplate to productions from the former Soviet block, from Star Trek to Star Wars, from Robby the Robot to Goldarak, from ET to Mars Attacks! … get on board with us for an adventure to the boundaries of the universe and the imaginary.

Around the exhibition

// A giant decorated set
An unknown planet to discover …. Strange inhabitants … Lego and PlayMobil are brought together and staged on an immense space-designed set.
Produced by Claude Steiblé, from the association En Avant Figurines.

// An arcade game
For a colourful and retro ambiance, an arcade game has made its way into the Museum and the game Space Invaders is to be discovered … an incredibly classic game which revolutionized the world of video games when it came out, and which is celebrating its 40 years of existence this year.

// Meteorites
To admire in the exhibition … bits of meteorites from collections at the Strasbourg Museum of Mineralogy.

// A new activity room
A totally rethought area right next to the exhibition for children to play, have fun and discover new things, as a family or with friends. A place to colour, read and play games, be creative with Lego … in a totally fun and cosmic environment!
Exposition Jouets de l'Espace - Musée du Jouet
Exposition Jouets de l'Espace - Musée du Jouet
Exposition Jouets de l'Espace - Musée du Jouet
Suitable for families
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