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The Songyang Story

Xu Tiantian, DnA_Design and Architecture, Peking

Opening 27/9/2019, 7 PM

For decades, the rural space has been the main loser in the context of Chinese high-speed urbanism. Young adults have moved in their droves to the new cities that are home to millions, leaving empty villages behind. After years of unbridled growth, megalopolises like Beijing and Shanghai are now stretched to their limits, suffering from permanent traffic jams and unhealthy air quality. Today, this is making the long-neglected rural space attractive again. One example is Songyang County in Southeast China. The local government here, with an uncompromising focus on sustainable infrastructure, is working together with a foundation, architect Xu Tiantian and her office DnA_Design and Architecture from Beijing, on an overall strategy for the region. With limited resources and acupunctural precision, this is producing small but significant interventions that generate options for tourists and residents, while also stimulating new economic developments.
The Songyang Story

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