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The Small Ones

This exhibition focuses on sculptural works in small format (max. 20 x 20 x 20 cm or 8'000cm3), whereby the dimension of the work makes no statement about the reputation of the artist, nor about the significance of the work.
In fact, the SMALL SCULPTURE EXHIBITION represents a first format in which neither artist, motif, medium nor epoch forms the common thread of the exhibition. Nevertheless, the exhibition is divided into figurative works and abstract-non-representational sculpture.
Rehmann's figurative works such as Hase (Hare) or Knabenköpfchen (Boy's Head) lay the foundation for the first part of the investigation, while non-representational works from the Living Metals series (2016) form the point of reference to the Rehmann Museum.
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Erwin Rehmann, Der Hase, 1940
Suitable for families

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