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SINGENKUNST 2024 today>>>tomorrow

Positions in contemporary art from the western Lake Constance region. An exhibition of the Kunstverein Singen.
Bodeninstallation des Künstler Nándor Angsteenberger
Arbeit der Künstlering Hannah J. Kohler
The Kunstverein Singen e.V. is a guest at the Kunstmuseum Singen with SINGENKUNST 2024 "today>>>tomorrow".

"today>>>tomorrow": The title of the exhibition offers an open framework for contemporary art and at the same time manifests a thesis of the Kunstverein on the contemporary mediation of art. "today>>>tomorrow" aims to set tomorrow, which always follows today, as a possibility for future designs - with the artistic starting point in the present.

The Kunstverein's SINGENKUNST once again creates a platform for encounters where different artistic positions from the four-country region of Lake Constance enter into a cross-border dialog with each other and with the public about future artistic developments.

Participating artists:
Nándor Angstenberger (D), Katja Berger (A), Oliver-Selim Boualam (D), Andrea Ehrat (CH), Lorenz Helfer (A), Anna Hilti (LIE), Sören Hiob (D), Hannah J. Kohler (D), Elisabeth Nembrini (CH), Lydia Schellhammer / Christ Mukenge (D/DRK), Peter Stauss (D), Amrei Wittwer (A).
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Ekkehardstraße 10
+49 7731 85 271
Opening hours

47.761145339171, 8.8365950267365

das Plakat für die Ausstellung today>>>tomorrow
Presentation of the publication SINGENKUNST 2024 today>>>tomorrow

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