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Saint Sebastian - A chapel is rediscovered

Plakat St. Sebastian Ausstellung
With the Chapel of St. Sebastian, the former court chapel of the bishops of
of Worms, Ladenburg has a very special jewel.
In the cultural, architectural and sacral history of southwest Germany, the church has a special
the church has a special significance. The Romanesque building was erected
built over the ruins of the Roman city of Lopodunum and was rebuilt in the
and changed several times in the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque eras.

Two years ago, the comprehensive restoration began under the aegis of the
Catholic Church. The Lobdengau Museum has developed a
"growing exhibition" developed. The presentation is intended to provide a look
"behind the construction fence" and to provide new insights into the architecture
architecture, elements of the interior design and the exciting
process of the renovation measures.
This exhibition is available in

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