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Russia in Europe - Europe in Russia. On the Occasion of the 200th birthday of Ivan Turgenev

Ivan Turgenev (1818-1883) is one of the great writers of world literature. On the occasion of his 200th birthday we discuss his topicality, address intercultural processes, and describe conflicts between Russia and Europe in the past and in the present.

The exhibition’s range of subjects illustrates the philosophical issues of Turgenev’s time in relation to his most famous works such as Fathers and Sons (1862). One part of the exhibition focusses on the legendary dispute between the “westerner” Turgenev and the “slavophile” Dostoevskij, which took place in Baden-Baden in 1867, and their debate about the future of Russia, which is still relevant today. The focal point of the exhibition is Turgenev as a self-confessed European and as a “networker” with wide-spread pathways of friendships, acquaintances, and business connections across national and cultural borders.

The exhibition is a collaborative project between the city Baden-Baden (Stadtbibliothek and Stadtmuseum) and the University of Freiburg. Besides giving instructive information and a wealth of visual material, the exhibition also includes two films produced especially for it, various digital resources, audio stations, literature to browse and much more.
Please note:
For museum pass holders visiting the special exhibition, a contribution towards expenses of 1 Euro will be charged for a limited edition postcard including stamp.


Russia in Europe - Europe in Russia
Suitable for families
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