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Rome lives!

With the cell phone to the Roman times
Plakatmotiv der Sonderausstellung "Rom lebt" in den Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen Mannheim
We start the time machine and catapult you into ancient Rome. Our interactive exhibition has a lot to offer and you are right in the middle of it. Only with you in the leading role is the exhibition complete! Dive into the Roman times! Large lifelike pictures capture the everyday life in ancient Rome. You can assume different poses and become part of it yourself. There are no limits to your creativity: March with the legionaries, help build the border wall Limes, roll barrels onto a transport ship, warm yourself at the campfire, play a Roman tuba, discover the goods of a market stall or tame a tiger in the arena. These and many more adventure scenes are waiting for you. Captured with a cell phone or camera, unique souvenir pictures are created, on which the surprising 3D effect comes into its own particularly well. In addition to the extraordinary photo fun, there are numerous hands-on stations and matching finds from the Roman era. Playfully learn more about food, beauty care, house and road construction or school in ancient Rome.
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