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On the Rhine. Showcasing the Rhine between Augst and Birsfelden

Special exhibition November 5, 2022–February 5, 2023

The 9,000 meters of access to the Rhine are significant for the canton of Basel-Landschaft. In the exhibition «On the Rhine. A search for traces between Augst and Birsfelden” we investigate the use of the Rhine for shipping and power generation and go in search of beavers, salmon and rare birds. The visitors find in the Rhine the origin of a rich past and present.
With its exhibition "On the Rhine", Museum.BL is part of a cross-border exhibition series: whether nature, culture or history, whether power generation, Rhine regulation or navigation, whether local features, archaeology or art - the trinational network of museums on the Upper Rhine is highlighting the river in a variety of ways with a total of 38 exhibitions.


Foto: Theodor Strübin, Sammlung Historische Fotografie Archäologie und Museum Baselland
Wasservögel am Rhein. Foto: Torben Weber @Museum.BL
Landkarten erzählen unglaubliche Geschichten. Foto: Torben Weber @Museum.BL
Suitable for families
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