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Reiner Seliger. Broken Bricks


The trademarks of the sculptor Reiner Seliger (* 1943) are the unconventional materials with which he works. Using bricks, polystyrene, acrylic glass and chalk, he constructs powerful sculptures that merge into abstract geometrical forms, into cones, orbs, ovals. The emerging casings, outwardly hermetically sealed, are pure architectonic constructions. They seem to grow out of the ground like prototypical matter and are reminiscent of Babylonian towers or earthen termite mounds. With the same materials Reiner Seliger also produces reliefs in various sizes.

Starting point of the exhibition in Gmünd is a large-format redbrick sculpture that the artist is building on site. Beside it spatially-adapted floor works and wall reliefs are on display.
Reiner Seliger. Broken Bricks
Johannisplatz 3
Schwäbisch Gmünd
+49 7171 60 34 130

48.79982, 9.79606