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Regionale 24 Concerto finale

Friday Beyeler. The Nights of the Smiling Moons, Installation von Kathrin Siegrist, Fondation Beyeler, 2023, Foto: Anastasia Pavlov (Ausschnitt)
Pável Aguilar, Ester Alemayehu Hatle, Marianna Angel, Stefan Auf der Maur, Amélie Bargetzi, Jonas Beile, Ana Brankovic, Ralph Bürgin, Sara Gassmann, Claudia Gutiérrez Marfull, Sophie Heukemes, Jan Hostettler, Matthias Huber, Anita Kuratle, Aimée Le Briéro, Florina Leinß, Julie Luzoir, Sugano Matsusaki, Robin Michel, Laura Mietrup, Laurie Mlodzik, Mariana Murcia, Anastasia Pavlou, Noemi Pfister, Sergio Rojas Chaves, Giacomo Santiago Rogado, Paula Santomé, Kathrin Siegrist, Yanik Soland, Dadi Wirz
Kunsthaus Baselland celebrates its 25th anniversary and a new beginning on the Dreispitz site in spring 2024. The regional exhibition features works by over 30 artists* to honor the history of the house. At the same time, Chiara Bersani will be presented in a solo exhibition. The Regionale is a cooperation of 20 institutions in Germany, France and Switzerland and emphasizes local contemporary art production in the three-country region around Basel. Curators: Ines Goldbach and Ines Tondar.
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