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Regionale 23

"We are so many here"
Raffaela Boss and Yann Slattery, «moving patterns III», 2021, Performance view, Festival Les Urbanes, Lausanne, 2021. Photo: Margot Sparkes. Courtesy the artists
This annual group exhibition is focused on the contemporary production by artists local to the three-country region around Basel and is part of the Regionale, a cross-border cooperation of 18 institutions in France, Germany, and Switzerland.

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Kunsthalle Basel, this year’s Regionale 23 exhibition at Kunsthalle Basel will be curated by the artists of the association board of the Basler Kunstverein (Rut Himmelsbach, Cécile Hummel, Sophie Jung, Edit Oderbolz, Hannah Weinberger, Johannes Willi).

Museum details

Steinenberg 7
+41 61 206 99 00
Opening hours

47.553754, 7.591341

Tyra Wigg, limb limb limb, 2023, performance documentation, in: KASKO Basel, photo: Sascha Rijkeboer
Performance by Tyra Wigg

For the Regionale 24 exhibition Davor, danach und alles dazwischen, Tyra Wigg has developed the new performance limb immersed. It is based on the performance limb limb limb from 2023, which is now ...

Artists’ talks with Damien Juillard and Anaïs Strübin in the Regionale exhibition, in German and English

During the run-up to the Regionale exhibition, art enthusiasts and students from the Department of Art History at the University of Basel have the chance to brief themselves thoroughly on individual ...

Mittwoch-Matinée: Regionale 24, in German

As part of the Regionale, a cross-border cooperation of 19 institutions in Germany, France, and Switzerland focusing on local, contemporary art productions in the three-country region around Basel, a ...

Führung durch die Ausstellungen der Kunsthalle Basel. Foto: Malena Guinet
Public guided tour, in German

Every Sunday at 3 pm, the Kunsthalle Basel team leads all interested visitors on a guided tour through the current exhibitions.

Mittwoch-Matinée: August 2024, auf Deutsch

As part of the museen basel event series, Kunsthalle Basel organized a mittwoch-matinée on the exhibitions at Kunsthalle Basel on August 7, 2024. Within two hours, the exhibitions will be explored ...