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Re-Inventing Piet. Mondrian and the consequences

Bildkomposition im Stile Mondrians, mit weißen, einem roten und blauen Rechteck. Getrennt werden diese durch markante schwarze Linien.
Bild mit weißen, roten, blauen und gelben Rechtecken. Getrennt werden diese durch markante schwarze Linien.
Fotografie einer nackten Frau bemalt mit verschiedenen Farben im Stile Mondrians.
Whether it's clothes, cosmetics packaging, T-shirts, bags or entire house facades - everyone knows Piet Mondrian's catchy and quickly recognizable compositions, which are characterized by the primary colors red, yellow and blue as well as by strict black lines and are taken up and spun on by numerous artists*. Not only the visual arts, but also fashion and advertising, architecture and design refer to the founder of Neoplasticism and quote, vary, adapt and caricature his artistic designs.

Based on the works of Mondrian and his contemporaries, the exhibition offers for the first time an insight into a 100-year examination and further development of Neoplasticism, whereby works and installations by contemporary artists are shown alongside Mondrian-style clothing, objects of applied art and architecture.

The exhibition "Re-Inventing Piet. Mondrian and the Consequences" was conceived by the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg and realized together with the Wilhelm Hack Museum in Ludwigshafen.
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