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Rastatt in the Weimar Republic


The 1919 Treaties of Versailles had a drastic impact on the Franco-German border region. Alsace and Lorraine became French, the area bordering on France was demilitarised and trade restrictions were imposed. Cities such as Rastatt were particularly afflicted by these measures. The dissolution of the garrison in Rastatt was a further blow, involving considerable economic losses. At the same time, the city became the centre for the exchange of prisoners of war. Meanwhile, the population suffered great hardship due to a housing shortage and unemployment. Urban planning measures such as the public relief works to further the defortification of the city and the construction project "Garden City" to combat the housing shortage were designed to improve this state of affairs. Nevertheless, economic progress was still very sluggish.
Rastatt in the Weimar Republic
Rastatt in the Weimar Republic
Rastatt in the Weimar Republic
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